Suzie Zuzek for Lilly Pulitzer: The Prints that Made the Fashion Brand Exhibition

An exhibition identity and visual system for Suzie Zuzek for Lilly Pulitzer exhibition at Cooper Hewitt Design Museum.
    Suzie Zuzek, a distinguished textile designer at Key West Hand Print Fabrics, contributed over 1,550 designs, many of which became integral to Pulitzer’s major fabric lines. 
    In honoring her remarkable contributions, particularly her renowned "Littly Look" design, the exhibition’s visual system adopted a bold approach, seeking to showcase Zuzek’s lifelong body of work by maximizing the use of space, effectively filling the expansive surfaces with her designs. The design strategy aimed to transform the museum’s second floor into a lively, uplifting space, especially poignant amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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