Bauhaus Master: Herbert Bayer Exhibition

The exhibition, celebrating the centenary anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus in Weimar, opened with a tribute to Herbert Bayer’s mastery.
    The title wall features a mural graphic utilizing Bayer’s Bauhaus Magazine Cover (1928). The exhibition title is set in P22 Bayer Universal from P22 Foundry, a digitized typeface that is extremely geometric and contains only lower-case letters, derived from Bayer’s Universal Type in 1926. Setting the title, which is his name, in Bayer Universal brought more gravitas to the exhibition, as Bayer’s original Universal Type was never realized in his lifetime. Fabricated as dimensional letters, the title was pin-mounted to the wall, casting shadows to bring more emphasis to his name.
    The body copy is set in FF Bau by Christian Schwartz, a typeface based on the grotesque type from Schelter & Giesecke in Leipzig, which was prominently used by designers at the Bauhaus. Both typefaces were also used throughout the exhibition didactics, infusing the Bauhaus spirit into the exhibition.

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