Nature by Design Exhibition

“Nature by Design,” a triennial exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, transformed the entire second floor into an immersive experience of natural elements. Under the theme of “Nature,” the exhibition featured multiple galleries, each focusing on different natural elements. Highlights included Katagami, a traditional Japanese craft in textile dyeing; Paisley patterns in the fashion and textile industries with products from Etro; the history of embroidery and embellishments with French textiles and clothing from the 1920s; and Plastics, which explored how tortoise shells functioned as a substrate leading to the invention of modern plastics.
    The identity and visual system were developed to cohesively cover the diverse subjects while uniting them under the main theme of Nature. The main wall graphic and the banners for each gallery were created from collages of the objects on display. These images were manipulated both digitally and analogously to create abstract swirls, defining and enhancing the tone of each gallery.

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