Sarah & Eleanor Hewitt: Designing a Modern Museum Exhibition

In celebration of the 125th anniversary of the opening of the museum galleries at Cooper Union in 1897, Cooper Hewitt presented an exhibition dedicated to the Hewitt sisters, the founders of the museum. Made possible by the sisters’ resources and lifetime collections in arts and design, the museum was established to provide abundant resources to students and aspiring artists in New York.
    Now, the sisters’ collections are housed as a permanent collection at Cooper Hewitt Museum. The exhibition identity and visuals were designed with elegant patterns and a serif typeface, bringing the era in which the sisters lived into 2022 with a sophisticated touch. Deep colors such as olive green and burgundy were used against off-white and soft canary yellow. To further enliven reproduced objects, oval-shaped cutouts were incorporated, reminiscent of Victorian-era embellishments.
    The exhibition also featured a family tree wall of the Hewitts and a special button wall showcasing the sisters’ button collection at a larger scale, highlighting the intricate details.

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